Paris, Ni Hao was produced with the generous support of a Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award and the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Purcell Carson of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Additional support was provided by Butler College, Wilson College, the Department of East Asian Studies, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, the Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication, the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities, and Global China Connection.

This project would not be possible without:

Sharon Deng

Residents of Paris featured in film:
Olivier Wang and Family
Rui Wang and Family
Cindy Chen
Noemie Chen
Arthur Chen
Suzanne Chan
Chaoqing Xue
Shangzhong Xia and Family
Frank Hui

Members of Association des Jeunes Chinois de France (AJCF)
Staff of Au Pays de Confucius

Purcell Carson

Daniel Hwang

Sound Editor
Rachel Wardell

Sound Consultant
Lidia Tamplenizza

Archival Footage
Pascal Ren

Graphic Design
Pelin Asa
Sharon Deng

Alice Xie

Association Huiji
Liwen Dong
Richard Beraha

Chinois de France – Français de Chine (CFFC)
Tamara Lui

Princeton University
Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award
Dale Family
Rosemarie Maze

Princeton University Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication
David Bellos
Rebecca J. Aguas

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Mark R. Beissinger
Karen Koller
Rachel C. Golden

Princeton University Department of East Asian Studies
Donna M. Musial-Manners
Lisa V. Ball
Jeff S. Heller

Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism & the Humanities
Aaron Shkuda
Elsa Devienne

Wilson College
John W. Axcelson
Laurie Hebditch

Butler College
Matthew Lazen
Robyn Howard

Princeton University Digital Learning Lab
Sorat Tungkasiri
Paula Brett

Princeton University School of Architecture
Mario I. Gandelsonas
Christina M. Lipsky
Francine Corcione
Eric Altman

Program in Urban Studies
Valerie Smith

Princeton University Media Services
Marissa Otero

Princeton Writes Program
John S. Weeren
Stephanie W. Whetstone

Princeton University Art Museum
Elsie Wirth

Community Based Learning Initiative
Maria Bohn
Trisha Thorme

Princeton University Office of Communications
Jamie F. Saxon
Danielle L. Alio
Ryan J. Maguire

Princeton University Digital Print Center
Barbara Valenza
James E. Elbrecht
Scott C. VanderVeer

Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Elsie M. Sheidler
Gwen E. McNamara
Chris Russo

Peter B. Lewis Center for the Arts
Marion F. Young

Global China Connection, Princeton University Chapter
Leila Clark
Ashley Stone
Max Bressler
Ruting Li
Jenny Zhao

We would also like to thank the following supporters and advisors:
Susan Sugarman
Esther da Costa Meyer
Florent Masse
Pierrette Décréau
Aude Guo
Bin Guo
Adeline A. Heck
Azza Cohen
Linda Liu
Lucy Tang
Nancy Song
Sophie Wang
Clement Lee
Saisai Chen
Eddie Lu
Yuriko Inaba
Daniel Shen
Aaron Yin
Gabriel Huang
Daniel Tran
Angele Vong
Hélène Wang